What is Non-Invasive Neurostimulation (NINS)?
NINS is a way of modulating brain activity from outside the scalp. The term NINS actually encompasses a family of neurostimulation techniques. The flavor our lab uses is called transcranial electrical stimulation (tES).
What is Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (tES)?
tES is a non-invasive neurostimulation technique. It induces a mild electrical field around neurons in the brain by delivering a mild electrical current through the skull via electrodes placed on the scalp. We use currents between 1-2mA in our studies; for comparison, this is less current than is typically needed to light up a small LED on a circuit board. tES has been extensively investigated in neuroscience research, and thousands of research studies involving tens of thousands of participants have been published about the technique.
What does tES feel like?
The majority of participants in tES experiments report a mild sensation of itching, tingling or heat on their scalp.
Is tES safe?
Multiple studies focusing on the safety of tES have indicated that currently used tES protocols are safe (Antal et al., 2018; Bikson et al., 2016Brunoni et al., 2011Poreisz et al., 2007). In addition, the investigational devices we use have passed safety and performance testing according to the relevant international standards.
How much do you pay research participants?
We value our participants and compensate them generously. The compensation for individual studies varies between $20-$30+ per hour of your time.
Where can I sign up?
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What should I wear on the day of the experiment?
Please wear a short sleeved t-shirt as we will need to take a measure of your heart rate and blood pressure. Please also refrain from consuming caffeine 4 hours before your scheduled appointment time.